The full-day conference will be closed by a spectacular performance entitled “Circus in the night” by Recirquel, the very first all-night new circus performance in Hungary, which will showcase the most talented circus artists of the country. Its premier of sweeping success and nationwide recognition was held during the Budapest Spring Festival in April 2013.

We are looking forward to welcoming you and your partner at the night!

During the performance, the members of the company participate in a joint journey in an effort to achieve and fulfil their unachievable desire: learning the art of flying. In the course of their journey they cannot avoid discovering the deepest parts of their own personalities. In agreement with the philosophy of new circus, the artists relate a non-linear story: the eternal symbols of pre-historic times and situations well-known from myths come to life and help the audience to feel comfortable in a world that can be grasped by emotions rather than reason.

The nine trained acrobats dressed up in extravagantly mystic attires and soaring among sceneries inspired by crumbling Budapest walls, a fiery red haired narrator with a mesmerising voice, who occasionally breaks into singing, and their famed accompanying pianist invite the audience to a dreamlike journey that can certainly be neither declined nor forgotten.

Its focal topic is the unattainable dream of flying – something not alien to circus at all: just as the predecessors who fabricated wings for themselves, the artists swinging on trapezes, working on the Chinese pole or on a tissue and risking their lives night over night, breaking away from the earth that means security for the man in the street, when in addition to stretching their own limits, they even disprove the fundamental rules of physics.

The protagonists of the night are mainly students who have completed their secondary school studies this year at Baross Imre Acrobat Training Vocational School.

The team of nine young people who will perform at Recirquel’s night may well become the first new Hungarian circus company. The signs are positive: this formation debuted with enormous success last year in the Millenáris Theatre and last year as well as this year at the Sziget Festival.


Bene Vági, director / choreographer, who graduated as a choreographer and director from the world-famous Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, founded and supported by Sir Paul McCartney. This is where he got into contact with the world of cabaret, circus and vaudeville, and has been drawing on them for inspiration for his plays ever since.

The visual system, set and costume, were created to the dreams of stage-designer Judit Csanádi, head of the Stage Design Department at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts and teacher of the set and costume design students of the National Theatre School of Canada in Montreal, in concert with Emese Kasza, one of Hungary’s most exciting dress designers also well-known in London and Berlin.

The musical world of the production is also captivating, thanks to the work of musical leader Péter Sárik, well-known composer in the international world of jazz. He has adjusted his compositions of several musical styles to the acrobats’ tricks and the author performs part of them live on the stage. 

Circus in the Night  is about emotions, flammability, mystery and sensuality.