During the Symposium a Professionals’ Arena will be furnished in our Innovative presentation area called FutureSpace, where T-Systems Hungary’s appropriately skilled staff members will be at the service of the interested guests.
They will provide guidance in professional ICT issues like application packages and application operation services, cloud-based services, questions related to the basic IT infrastructure, various communication solutions (uniform communication, video-conferencing and multimedia), management systems, the basic telecommunication infrastructure and mobile applications.
In addition, in the form of interactive professional presentations the participants can have a look at the outstanding competences, most recent solutions and developments of our company and our partners in the FutureSpace.
Digital Media Signage (DMS) from the Cloud
With the help of this innovative service of ours constantly updated information and advertisements can be displayed on large-size screens in community and public areas selected by buyers and customers. All DMS display points are centrally managed, the advertisements and information appear according to a previously given programme, if so wished, on each site.
Connected Car
Do we really drive “well”? Can a mobile application help us improve? Can we cut costs by more careful driving? The car, mobile application and technology are combined to provide the car insurance of the future from the cloud.
MOL Bubi
Would you like to avoid downtown traffic jams without being jostled in the crowd on buses, trams and undergrounds? Would you like to travel faster in the city cheap and in an environmentally conscious way? If all answers are yes, cycling is the right solution. With MOL’s Bubi system anyone can do this fast, cheap and in an environment-friendly manner, what is more, without the need to own a bicycle.
IT security infrastructure
DOS and flooding attacks, spyware, data leakage, malware and viruses, accidental data leakage, fines imposed by authorities, hackers and mobile viruses. If you disregard these risks, your organisation will suffer considerable damages. Have you already provided for the required protection?
T-Systems Data Centre
Have you ever considered if your basic IT infrastructure is adequately secure? Can the efficiency of your computer room compete with a facility set up specifically for this purpose? We offer you Central Europe’s most significant, best protected and most secure data centre.
Video Contact Centre
Customers’ mobility is on the increase. When they have to conduct administrative tasks, they do not wish to spend their time in offices and bank branches. With T-System’s hosted video contact centre solution it is easy to create a customer service which allows clients to manage their affairs anywhere at any time.
Corporate Mobility
Smartphones and tablets with the currently popular operating systems like the recently introduced iPad Air will be displayed and can be put tried in the FutureSpace. The Android operating system will be represented by the state-of-the-art piece of the Galaxy series, while the iOS system by the fingerprint-reading iPhone 5S. Z10 will show you that it is still early to forget Blackberry, and Windows will be made palpable for the visitors by Samsung’s ATIV Smart PC Pro hybrid tablet.
T-City – Szolnok: City of the Future
T-City is an innovative, long-term development programme signed by Magyar Telekom and Szolnok City of County Rights with the purpose of developing services that have been tested in a live environment and offer our customers genuine personal experience. In the framework of T-City projects, services will be turned more useful in close cooperation with the local population, enterprises and institutions.
         ·  MasterCard® Mobile – always at hand to pay
What is MasterCard Mobile good for? Mainly for online purchases, topping up and paying bills. You can pay fast and safely with your smartphone if you register your existing MasterCard or Maestro bankcard in the MasterCard Mobile payment application. Thus you will not need to give the data of your card any longer during payment. Use MasterCard Mobile at more than 150 vendors. Further information: www.mc-mobile.hu
         ·  Mobile Purse
Mobile Purse, the Future Payment Method This is an application on your smartphone that allows you to pay, collect loyalty scores, travel or easily download the most important card data with a flick of the wrist. Inquire about and trace the currently running national test of Mobile Purse at www.mobiltarca.com. Imagine a world without plastic cards!
         ·  Smart Metering
Smart metering and clever consumption: ICT opportunities in the energy market
Become an energy-conscious consumer with Magyar Telekom’s help!
         ·  Optimum Energy Management
Increase in energy prices, demand for more efficient corporate and institutional operation and tightening environmental regulations urge managers to spectacularly cut on energy consumption, the related greenhouse gas emission and costs. T-Systems’ Optimum Energy Management solution and service offers support to the achievement of these objectives.
         ·  Telekom – Community Smartcard (Citypass)
With the help of a smart chip card – an RFID or an NFC integrated in a mobile phone – this safe, lasting and all-round data carrier allows the local population and tourists to use various services – e.g. community transport, access to places or discounts etc.