Companies that wish to adjust to market conditions need a partner in transformation which can comprehend and manage future technologies, and has a definite concept of the expectations of future corporations and industries.

The only constant is change.

“The only constant is change.” (Heraclitus)

In a turbulent environment, change, including search for new ways, is a natural and perhaps the only way to survive over the long-term. In this transformation ICT has a significant role, as companies and public administration institutions need an organisation, workflows and infrastructure that are suitable for fast and flexible reaction.

ICT as a means of competitiveness

A comprehensive ICT solution can support the basic activity of a particular company at the highest possible level, in other words, it can contribute to increasing a company’s competitiveness by creating value. Beyond the mere simplification and automation of operation, ITC arranges it in a transparent and measurable order, renders internal and external processes and movements predictable, and thus efficiency can be improved by switching to a higher speed.

The technological changes of the past few years fundamentally rearranged the ICT market. Let’s just remember such increasing megatrends like cloud services, corporate mobility or Big Data, in addition to the intertwining and convergence of various technologies. In addition to the difficult task of monitoring and following daily changes, most decision-makers are not interested in the technical solution of a single problem, rather in how to relieve his or her own everyday client management duties.

How a transformation partner may help

Transforming corporations adjusting to market conditions need an ICT partner to find their ways among the complex transformational processes, a partner who can comprehend technical challenges and opportunities as a whole rather than in parts. In addition, it must understand the genuine business requirements and keep the phenomena and trends of the affected industry in sight. This is how constant support can be provided over the long term.