Tasting Regionally Selected Coffee and Wine during the Symposium

On the venue of the Symposium, our guests will have the opportunity to taste premium quality coffees and the most excellent Hungarian wines, and to learn interesting secrets of making gastronomical specialties.
The Omnia Reserve family will surprise coffee culture fans with single origin coffees from four special cultivation areas, and – with the contribution of several renowned Hungarian vineries – explain the peculiar factors of the bearings that have predominant effects on Hungarian wine regions similarly to far-away coffee plantations. Coffee specialists and oenologists will describe the effects of volcanic soil on the finely mineral white wines of the Laposa Estate and the bourbon Arabica grown in the Acatenango Valley in Guatemala. What is the role of wind on the Malabar coast and at the Hernyák Estate of Etyek, known for its excellent green Veltelini? Why is the exposure of vine and coffee plantations, the height of the location of parcels and the soil moisture are significant in Columbia and, for instance, at the famous Görögszó parcel of Dúzsi vinery at Szekszárd? And how does late harvest improve the flavours of regionally selected Brazilian coffees or the “ MÁD Késői Szüret” wine made by the St. Thomas Vinery?