Technology as a Social Challenge

Let's not think that digitalization only turns the lives of companies and individuals upside down. New technologies are creating new challenges for states, and even for communities created by them, as they may take over their core functions and force them to perform new tasks. Ferenc Vágujhelyi , Chairman of the National Council for Communications and Information Technology, also talks about the challenges ahead. Details

Local government data warehouse

The first, Big Data technology based data warehouse of Hungarian public administration was set up in collaboration of the Hungarian Treasury, the National Infocommunication Service Company Ltd. and T-Systems. The data warehouse is an important step towards the implementation of data based public administration. Details

Fraud eliminated

0.15 seconds – this the time available for the K&H Bank fraud detection system to decide whether a transaction is fraudulent or not. And the solution, put together by T-Systems, consisting mostly of open source software, can do that. Details

Planning for many years

With the help of T-Systems, the Central European division of Deloitte has constructed Future proof network infrastructure, capable of flexibly adapt to yet unseen demands. The infrastructure shall also serve as a basis for future digital developments. Details

Payment without card and cash, instantly

Cash killer fintech companies and neo-banks are bidding for customer grace, and this Babel mess almost suppresses the news that it will soon be faster to transfer money to the grocery store on the corner than to take out your wallet and calculate the price of milk and bread. Details

There must be a team – but that is just not enough anymore…

Just as in business life, data, as well as decision making based on thoroughly processed information, have gained staggering value in sports. Football/soccer clubs, for example, have moved up to the cloud. Details

Education for future generations

Providing IT services at nearly 10 thousand locations, for around 1.2 million people – this is to be achieved based on the results uncovered in Hungary’s Digital Education Strategy. Details

Sharing economy is built on trust

Rachel Botsman, who became world famous due to her theory on trust, will be the keynote speaker at the November 26 T-Systems Symposium. The trust fellow of Oxford University’s Saïd Business School we are living in the age of shared trust, that transforms our everyday life and the markets. We talked with Rachel Botsman on the phone, prior to her arrival. Details

An ancient method in a digital form: what does Agriculture 4.0 mean?

Agriculture and the agrarian sector is thousands of years old, an “industry” that - during the past 50 years - has gone through greater technological development than ever before. Hive sensors and pig monitoring cameras: among others these could be the agrarian answer to digitalization. The T-Systems solutions will be on show in the Future Space of the Symposium on November 26. Details

State of the art technology is part of the package

An everyday service - modernized by T-Systems Hungary’s open innovation lab, Kitchen Budapest, aka KiBu, established in 2007, in their newest project - may become a true friend for online shoppers. The tracking based solution will be presented to the audience of professionals at the Symposium. Details

Once you’re in, you can do anything

Nine out of ten people do not know what to make of a smart city, nor do they have the faintest idea about what we can expect from one. It is not their fault, they need to be lead by the hand – says Ádám Szücs, blogger-journalist, who considers security to be the eternal alpha. Ádám Szücs, as the moderator of the City and Countryside section, will look into tasks that the planners of smart cities are facing. Details

Contrary to certain opinions the Earth will not be destroyed in 12 years

The eighth T-Systems Symposium arrives with robotics, space travel and lots of presenters. For example, Balázs Zábori, physicist, will talk about how our future leads to the stars and how space travel changes human culture. Details

One can learn programming by playing

Whoever thinks programming is boring and to learn it is even more boring, has never seen schoolchildren programming LEGO robots as playing. Tools for teaching algorithmic thinking are not uncommon in school education today - and we will also learn why at the Symposium Future Space. Details

Health data made available for analysis

Patient data collected in hospitals can be a real treasure trove for improving the effectiveness of treatments. However, these treasures can only be mined with the right tools and expertise. T-Systems and MedSol Analyzer offer both. Details

Vanda, the new, untiring member of the hospital staff

The artificial intelligence based system, developed by T-Systems Hungary has been helping the call center of Magyar Telekom for a year now. But the great thing about IT is that there is a good chance of using already developed solutions in another area, for a partly different purpose. Details

Digital future in the agriculture

Agriculture cannot avoid digitalization, and the ongoing telecommunication revolution, such as 5G, provides especially great opportunities for the sector. Farmers are, however, hard to win over with foggy promises – they need tangible, directly profitable, proven benefits. Details

Alarm in the hive: the telling vibration

The knowledge of beekeepers and the population of bees have a huge value for the future of humankind. That's what Agronity, Kitchen Budapest's mentored team, builds upon: their innovative system helps beekeepers in their work with sensors and alarm signals. The solution, aimed to increase honey production, can be seen at the Jövőtér (Future Space) exhibition of the T-Systems Symposium in November. Details

Smart watch for safety at the workplace

Industry 4.0 can improve the efficiency of a production hall with a number of digital solutions, for example in terms of job safety. This becomes extremely valuable especially in case of employees with disabilities or a large numbers of moving vehicles. The smartwatch based industrial application of Kitchen Budapest and T-Systems may add a new dimension to preventing accidents at work. Details

Where self-driving vehicles are reality

Self-driving vehicles on public roads are more of a dream than reality. The industrial sector, however, is already using them, and a few types will be on display at this year’s T-Systems Symposium. Details

Dell Technologies: How can we become a digital company?

Dell Technologies, together with SAP, helps companies on their way to digitalization Details

Digital communication solutions at the Avaya stand

As a market leader in CC, UC and cloud solutions, Avaya knows the role of communication and the challenges of digital transformation. That is why we answer 2 important challenges at the Avaya stand: 
How to deal with digital channel issues in a way that even complex communication may take place while the customer is on our website. 
How to analyze customer communications to ensure agile operation in the contact center and immediately detect any changes that may affect our company. Details

SAS® is the No.1 AI and advanced analytics software platform.

Our AI revenue is growing more than 3x faster than the market. Innovation, trust and value are the reasons why. Details

Simplepay, a.k.a. the revolutionary fast payment solution

The market of mobile payment and electronic payment solutions is gradually becoming more saturated in Hungary as well, but there is still room for new innovations. The SimplePay online bank card payment system, developed and operated by OTP Mobil Kft. Has been available for e-traders since November 2015. It offers smooth connection and a turn-key, versatile platform, with convenience services that - besides ensuring faster payment integration - may have a favorable impact on customer and transaction numbers alike. Details

Digitális kommunikációs megoldások az Avaya standján

Az Avaya,mint a CC, UC és a felhő megoldások piacvezetője, ismeri a kommunikáció szerepét és a digitális transzformáció kihívásait. Az Avaya standon éppen ezért 2 fontos kihívásra adunk választ: 
Hogyan kezelhetők a digitális csatornában felmerülő problémák úgy, hogy akár komplex kommunikáció is megtörténhessen addig, míg az ügyfél a weboldalunkon van. 
Hogyan lehet az ügyfélkommunikációt analizálva agilisabb működést biztosítani a contact centerben és azonnal észlelni minden változást, ami cégünket érintheti.