In the afternoon of the Symposium, T-Systems Hungary, its main clients and the companies of its partnership ecosystem will be waiting you with lectures by specialists in 12 thematic sessions. This year the individual sessions will focus on solutions that determine corporate competitiveness and operational efficiency, but the technological achievements of T-Systems Hungary and its partners will also be presented in relation to the individual megatrends.
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Cloud Session

For several years the ICT sector has been determined by the use of external IT resources – in other words, cloud computing. By now the initial hype has triggered diversification among the sector participants in terms of technology as well as business and users make more conscious choices. In the cloud session of the Symposium, the most important experiences will be brought to the surface; in addition to the experts of T-Systems Hungary, partners and customers will give account of their experiences related to the cloud.
Interview with Gergely Lesku, person in charge of the cloud session
Is there any genuine content underlying the term “cloud”? Is it still worth tackling on this topic?

I think the cloud has become palpable for every computer and smart phone user. We are well aware of the fact that although the term “cloud” is only a generic name, in data storage or for example in teamwork applications as many as a billion people are learning how to use it efficiently day by day.  The cloud is no longer an alternate bypass, but a main road.
Due to the fact that the Hungarian market follows the world trends with a minor lag, this is the right time for Hungary to deal with this area, as it offers two significant benefits. Firstly, considerably lower risk should be assumed by skipping the developments that were tried and proven to be dead ends in larger economies, thus return will be significantly more predictable. Secondly, the current market is already characterised by genuine competition between service providers and between solutions, galvanising service providers to healthy rational thinking, which also has a positive impact on return.

What does the cloud session of Symposium have to offer to an ICT expert?

It is important to mention that in addition to being highly vibrant and meaty, presentations will outline real experiences gained during complex projects specialists rarely have the opportunity to participate in. Thus the genuine reasons for the evolution of the frequently mentioned “best practices” will be tackled. As all our lectures will be formulated in the spirit of IT as a service, in each single area from physical arrangement the introduction of a business application – and moreover to business consultancy – the respective specialist will contribute the critical factors of the particular layer to clearly explain all the – frequently trifle – things needed to make a satisfied business user at the end of the day.

Why is the session interesting for a business leader or an expert?

In this session we will be seeking responses to questions that may assist business leaders in making grounded decisions. How to use a private system from the net or build one of your own? Has this technology also matured for the ERP systems? Is it already worth using it this way? What security risks need to be faced and how? How do I know what is happening during the operation of my systems run at remote locations? And I could go on with a long list of questions...




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