In the afternoon of the Symposium, T-Systems Hungary, its main clients and the companies of its partnership ecosystem will be waiting you with lectures by specialists in 12 thematic sessions. This year the individual sessions will focus on solutions that determine corporate competitiveness and operational efficiency, but the technological achievements of T-Systems Hungary and its partners will also be presented in relation to the individual megatrends.
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Analitics Session

In the Analytics session of Symposium 2014, our invited guests can expect lectures which will guide them to roads that lead to the most efficient utilisation of information from the data generated by a company.
Interview with line director Sanjay Gupta (Business Intelligence and Information Management Solutions) Details

Cloud Session

For several years the ICT sector has been determined by the use of external IT resources – in other words, cloud computing. By now the initial hype has triggered diversification among the sector participants in terms of technology as well as business and users make more conscious choices. In the cloud session of the Symposium, the most important experiences will be brought to the surface; in addition to the experts of T-Systems Hungary, partners and customers will give account of their experiences related to the cloud.
Interview with Gergely Lesku, person in charge of the cloud session Details

Commerce Session

In our days the commercial sector is undergoing fundamental changes. In addition to reaching out to purchasers in the most targeted way possible, the sector participants are most concerned by meeting buyer demand at the highest possible level. In our lectures we make efforts at presenting the specific solutions for ICT support to business.
Interview with line director Róbert Ihring (Commerce and Media) Details

Communication and Mobility Session

The competitiveness of large corporations is considerably influenced by the quality and speed of communication between colleagues and teams, as well as the ability to make use of the benefits inherent in mobility. In this session lecturers will discuss the technological conditions and opportunities given in the solutions.
Interview with line director László Mohácsi (Communication solutions) Details

Digital City Session

The significance of smart solutions increases in the life of cities, as in addition to community operation they may have an outstanding role in improving the competitiveness of local businesses. This year’s Digital City session of the Symposium will focus on solutions that support the improvement of city organisation and operational efficiency.
Interview with director Szilárd Gombos (Strategic Presales) Details

Financial Institutions Session

The appearance of new technologies and the complex, constantly changing competition require fast and flexible adaptation, which may be addressed by an adaptive strategy: we do not know who will win the competition of technologies, but if we create the ability of adaptation in the organisation, then we will be able to join the market leading technologies and partners fast. In the thematic session of the Symposium we examine the technological solutions that support decision-makers in the creation of the strategy.
Interview with line director Ákos Kalmár (Financial Institutions) Details

Healthcare Session

The development of medicine, an ageing population, and the associated increasing costs present the greatest challenges today for the healthcare sector. Infocommunication solutions can help us improve the effectiveness of the healthcare supply system and further patient care. In the healthcare session solutions that support these objectives will be presented.
Interview with line director Richárd Bende (Healthcare) Details

Industry Session

The operation of large industrial corporations is fundamentally affected by technological megatrends. Increasing emphasis is being placed on real-time data collection, while an ever larger number of corporate IT elements are connected to a single large corporate network. In addition to its obvious benefits, this process also involves security threats. The experts of this session will give presentations on such and related questions.
Interview with line director Péter Hosszú (Industry) Details

International Session

For the first time this year a session of international focus will be held during the Symposium, within the framework of which T-Systems Hungary’s experts will present the regional competences of our company, among others our e-Health Competence Centre, the SAP Business One regional sales opportunities and our cloud capabilities.
Interview with line director Róbert Bukits (International relations) Details

Public Utilities Session

Public utility companies often have to meet legal changes concerning their core business and criteria of efficient and cost effective operation at the same time. Our latest infocommunications solutions make meeting both expectations easier. During our sections will present some of these solutions.

Transportation Session

Based on the expertise of its predecessors and international partners, T-Systems Hungary has gained unique experience in the field of community transport services in the recent decade. GPS based localization, electronic ticket and monthly ticket system, modern passenger information system, traffic planning and reporting, system integration of complex transport projects – just to name a few current topics. In our transportation session we would like to provide insight into these solutions of T-Systems Hungary. Details

State and Public Administration Session

Public administration and the individual specialised organisations start ICT development projects with individual requirements and in relation to public duties and functions. The most recent technological opportunities are capable of providing long-term solutions for particular problems despite changes in statutory conditions. Among others, the lecturers of the session will touch upon the modernisation tax administration, but agricultural IT will also be on the agenda.
Interview with line director Péter Apor (Government and Public Administration) Details



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