In the afternoon of the Symposium, T-Systems Hungary, its main clients and the companies of its partnership ecosystem will be waiting you with lectures by specialists in 12 thematic sessions. This year the individual sessions will focus on solutions that determine corporate competitiveness and operational efficiency, but the technological achievements of T-Systems Hungary and its partners will also be presented in relation to the individual megatrends.
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Communication and Mobility Session

The competitiveness of large corporations is considerably influenced by the quality and speed of communication between colleagues and teams, as well as the ability to make use of the benefits inherent in mobility. In this session lecturers will discuss the technological conditions and opportunities given in the solutions.
Interview with line director László Mohácsi (Communication solutions)
What technological trends do you experience in the field of communication technologies and what do you think the future will bring?
The competitiveness of large corporations is significantly influenced by the quality and efficiency of their communication and the extent and manner they capitalise on their opportunities that allow cooperation between the various teams and team members in order to achieve the objects that have been set. Today communication and mobility are two strongly interconnected concepts. It is a general opinion in the industry – and I completely agree with it myself – that the most powerful trend seen currently and expected in the immediate future is mobility. This is the factor that mainly determines a large company’s ability and speed, and consequently also has a significant impact on the external image of the company.
Meanwhile, technology, the factor that enables communication and mobility, undergoes constant development. Being a market leading service provider, we are in a position to experience the rapid spread of smartphones and the related data services in Hungary at first hand, and to see the data and video traffic grow by more than 30% per annum. Would you ever think that international voice communication will grow by nearly 60% in a single year?
With the spread of smart devices, the question of mobile security comes to focus, but simultaneously a new trend is also seen to unfold: namely, the spread of communication between various smart devices. The interconnection of the many billions of devices operating across the world in a network opens up new perspectives, and will also provide new operating models and service opportunities for companies.
How does a large company incorporate the most recent communication technologies in its daily operation?
We have already got accustomed to always being accessible. But there are still many more opportunities in development, both in-house and in the company’s cooperation with its customers, for which the technology is already available, but for various reasons their spread is not sufficiently rapid. From among such reasons allow me to mention that companies do not have enough time to review the corporate communication processes that previously operated well. In other words, we operate in the way we are used to.
As a result of technological trends, corporate demand also changes. Communication is no longer considered as a necessary thing, but rather as a set of solutions supporting business processes, which is becoming an increasingly determining factor of competitiveness. Just think for a moment: if two products are equal in terms of abilities, price and quality, which of them will be chosen by a buyer? The one that is easier and faster to access, about which more information was provided in a simpler way. And this is the same with operation within a company. Successful business requires much and complex information, and the organised sharing, availability and storage of information is of key significance in the corporate operating process. I believe that the companies who do it well can outdo their peers.
Very often the technical solution for a particular challenge is already given, and if it is appropriately incorporated in the business processes, we have the genuine chance to achieve a more cost-efficient corporate operation. Meanwhile, the opportunity is not primarily given in the technical details of the technologies, despite the fact that they are capable of supporting our success to a major extent. It is of utmost significance to appropriately fit the particular communication solution in the business processes in order to ensure that the new communication opportunity is useful for the company’s employees and customers alike.
What is the programme of the Communication and Mobility session of Symposium 2014?
As communication, and its service system, telecommunication, are technology-intensive sectors, the session programme includes the presentation of our ongoing telecommunication network developments. The majority of the subsequent lectures will tackle the most important areas of corporate communication: corporate mobile communication, our developments that improve the efficiency and security of communication, and the opportunities of making relations between the company and its customer “more personal”.
Naturally, T-Systems Hungary’s customary innovative approach cannot be left out of the programme: we would like to present you with two technologies that already exist and are expected to spread in the immediate future. One of the lectures is intended to show a specific industry example for machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, and the other will discuss the DMS solution, which gives the opportunity of video-based communication to colleagues, customers and partners.
You may ask, and with good reason, what is useful for your company of all these. How can one decide what kind of help we get in answering this question? In the lectures we will provide answers to these questions, for the time being we only want to make it clear that we share the same interest and we are working towards mutual goals. T-Systems Hungary has dedicated a separate line for communication solutions. On the one hand, this is business, and on the other, we are convinced that in this area we can create mutually beneficial values in joint effort with you, with our customers and with our partners.




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