In the afternoon of the Symposium, T-Systems Hungary, its main clients and the companies of its partnership ecosystem will be waiting you with lectures by specialists in 12 thematic sessions. This year the individual sessions will focus on solutions that determine corporate competitiveness and operational efficiency, but the technological achievements of T-Systems Hungary and its partners will also be presented in relation to the individual megatrends.
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Commerce Session

In our days the commercial sector is undergoing fundamental changes. In addition to reaching out to purchasers in the most targeted way possible, the sector participants are most concerned by meeting buyer demand at the highest possible level. In our lectures we make efforts at presenting the specific solutions for ICT support to business.
Interview with line director Róbert Ihring (Commerce and Media)
What technological trends do you experience in your specialisation? What will the future bring?

In our days the commercial sector is undergoing considerable change. The strategies that were once proven can only be maintained at constantly declining profits. In addition to the campaign buzzwords, the customers of our days expect actually custom-tailored, individual preferential conditions and service.
An increasing number of the participants in commerce realize that cash desk data allow them to make far more accurate basket analyses. And if linked to regular customer or discount cards, all these can even be personalised, and a more sophisticated view is given about the habits of a clearly identifiable customer group, which in turn provides the opportunity to create custom-tailored hot sales and preferential terms for their customers. Such tools can significantly improve promotion efficiency, as the targets are hit in a considerably greater extent.
And this is only a short step away from raising the idea in retail sector participants that the opportunity should be created for identifying the customer at the moment of entry into a shop. Thus already before the customer starts purchasing, he or she can be oriented by information that is highly likely to facilitate selection of the product that suits the customer’s specific requirements. One of the best examples of this is given by digital media signage systems.
How can one get prepared for facing trend-like changes?

As we can follow on a daily basis in other sectors, IT is the only supporting tool to provide as accurate information as possible on our customers and buyers and to enable us to address them with the most custom-tailored offers based on observations and convert them into valuable customers.
It is a difficult and lengthy process to find – during and in addition to the daily administration – the time, money and professional knowledge to create the required IT background, while actually, this is the factor that can provide the increasingly indispensable tool and the business advantage in the struggle for customers.
What solutions can be used in your specialisation to optimise the operation of a company or an institution?

T-Systems Hungary has both the IT competence and the partnerships required for the successful joint implementation of the IT solutions that have become indispensable in fields like product- and shop-level comparative analyses, peer monitoring, customer basket analysis and shop product portfolio analysis, custom-tailored hot sales and regular customer programmes, or Digital Media Signage.
As the purpose of every introduction is to increase profit and/or cut costs, when implementations are planned, special attention is paid to ROI to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and the success of our joint projects.




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