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Rékasi Tibor

Chief Executive Officer, T-Systems Hungary

Plenáris előadó

Vályi-Nagy Vilmos

Minister of State for Infocommunication, Ministry of National Development

Christopher Mattheisen

Chief Executive Officer, Magyar Telekom

Kerstin Günther

DT: Senior Vice President Technology Europe, MT: Chairman of the Board of Directors, Deutsche Telekom

Christian Wirth

VP Emerging Products & Innovation Product Leader BI & Big Data, T-Systems International

Ragoncsa Géza

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, T-Systems Hungary

Németh Zoltán

Deputy CEO, T-Systems Hungary, T-Systems Hungary

Soós Péter

Partner and Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group

Michael Ganser

Senior VP, Europe, Cisco Systems

Rob Nail

Chief Executive Officer, Singularity University

Jean-Claude Michaca

Vice President, Engineered Systems ECEMEA, Oracle

Szakmai előadó

Bancsics Ferenc

Ministerial Commissioner, Ministry of National Development

Bandi Zsuzsa

Analyst and designer, T-Systems Hungary

Bolla Tibor

Chief Executive Officer, Budapest Transport Company

Budai Péter

Server Business Group Lead, Microsoft

Csepreghy Nándor

Deputy State Secretary for Development Policy, Office of Prime Minister

Daka Imre

Analyst and designer, T-Systems Hungary

Détári Gábor

Senior system engineer, T-Systems Hungary

Dr. Köpeczi-Bócz Tamás

Ministerial Commissioner for EU Development and Strategy, Office of Prime Minister

Dr. Strublik Sándor

B2B Sales Director, Samsung Electronics Hungary

Dr. Stubnya Gusztáv

Commissioner for the Rector of the University of Szeged, University of Szeged

Feczkó Iván

Senior sales consultant, T-Systems Hungary

Fekete Gábor

Deputy State Secretary, Ministry of Public Administration and Justice

Fulajtár József

System engineer, Cisco Systems

Gombár György

Executive director, ASP

Hadházi-Borsos Balázs

Business analyst, T-Systems Hungary

Horváth Gábor

Sales Director, T-Systems Hungary

Horváth Tibor

Senior analyst and design manager, T-Systems Hungary

Horváth Varga János

Senior architect, T-Systems Hungary

Hraskó Gábor

Competence Centre manager – Contact Centre Solutions, T-Systems Hungary

Kalmár Ákos

Sales Director, T-Systems Hungary

Keleti Arthur

IT security strategist, T-Systems Hungary

Kerényi László Sándor

Centre for Budapest Transport

Keszthelyi László

R&D senior system designer, T-Systems Hungary

Kis Zoltán

Senior product management, T-Systems Hungary

Komáromi András

competence centre manager – CRM, T-Systems Hungary

Körmendy Tibor

InstantMoney development manager, T-Systems Hungary

Kovács Attila

Director of Project and Operations Management, T-Systems Hungary

Krajcsovits Erika

Business development management, T-Systems Hungary

Kulcsár Sándor

Business development specialist, Magyar Telekom

Leibinger Gábor

Senior presales system engineer, T-Systems Hungary

Lénárt Marcell

IT architect, T-Systems Hungary

Lóki Csaba

Competence centre deputy manager – Production, logistics and settlement rules, T-Systems Hungary

Molnár Imre

Project leader, T-Systems Hungary

Nemes András

Business Sales Development Manager, Cisco Systems

Okolicsányi Mikolaj

Senior presales system engineer, T-Systems Hungary

Papp Attila

Business intelligence specialist, T-Systems Hungary

Portik Imre

Senior pre-sales consultant, SAS Institute Hungary

Sárecz Lajos

South and Central Europe Presales Team Leader, Oracle

Sódar György

Senior sales manager, T-Systems Hungary

Solymár Károly Balázs

Deputy State Secretary for ICT, Ministry of National Development

Szabó Dávid Attila

Head of market and liquidity risk management, CIB Bank

Szabó Péter

Senior sales consultant, T-Systems Hungary

Szabó Tamás

Commercial product specialist, IBM

Szarvasy Zoltán

Director of Horizontal Sales, T-Systems Hungary

Szatucsek Zoltán

Chief Archivist, Department head, Head of the Professional Coordination Centre, National Archives of Hungary

Szikora Emese

Project manager, T-Systems Hungary

Szilas Gábor

Head of Loyalty and Programme Management Department, Magyar Telekom

Szögi Tamás

Chief engineer of presales, T-Systems Hungary

Tóth Norbert

Competence centre manager – Business Intelligence Support, T-Systems Hungary

Tóth Zoltán

Head of Corporate Business Management and Sales Support, MKB Bank

Varga Gábor

Solution Specialist, Microsoft

Vizi Csaba

Competence centre manager – Public Utility Applications, T-Systems Hungary

Zala Mihály

Major General, President of the National Security Authority, National Security Authority

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