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Partnership and cooperation with the Autistic Art Foundation.

Sustainability is at out heart at Magyar Telekom thus we devote particular attention to persons with disabilities and to help their lives. As one of the largest employers in Hungary we would like to be the front-runner when it comes to supporting  disadvantaged groups and helping their acceptance within the society.

As the leading Hungarian info-communication company we try to help those who have problems with communication - persons with autism: with the use of our expertise and technology we we would like to help those for whom communication is a barrier in their everyday lives. With the aid of our services and tools we can spectacularly improve their lives - because info-communication connects and removes obstacles.

This is why Telekom entered into a partnership with the Autistic Art Foundation in the spring of 2016.
During this year we were involved in several initiatives to help autist persons: we provided financial and technical help, took part in sensitization efforts through the education content of the nationwide TV channels supported by Telekom and paid increased attention to the involvement of our employees by organizing an exhibition, a family crafts day, charity team buildings and here, at 2016 T-Systems Symposium, we organize a chary auction to support autist persons - while hoping that the initiative will have a positive reception among our guests.

About the Autistic Art Foundation

The mission of the Autistic Art Foundation (formerly Smile Home) is to improve the living conditions of children and adults living with autism. The non-profit organization supports 11 homes for autists with the sale of designer products and the organization of exhibitions, auctions. Besides, as the only organization in Hungary, the Autistic Art Program offers art workshops with contemporary art approach that helps autists to express their inner world with visual tools. The pieces of art made at the workshops are sold at charity auctions and are shown in exhibitions, the best graphic works are featured on the Autistic Art design brand products: scarfs, notebooks, pullovers, wine labels and chocolate assortments.

About the auction

The Autistic Art Foundation has been organizing charity auctions since 2008 for autist homes, under the leadership of Judit Virág.  This is the first occasion when their pieces of art are sold in an online auction. The majority of the items are exclusive and only the auctioned pieces exist. Buyers will own really unique pieces of art - and support a good cause.

The revenue of the charity auction will be spent on the Autistic Art Program for young autists.


Mobile app 
1. Please, find the Online auction menu item in the Symposium application.
2. Please, login into the application with your personal QR code that you may find on your lanyard.
3. Select the item that you would like to purchase.
4. Make you bid by pressing the “Bid” button. The application will send you a message on your successful bids - and if you allow it in the settings - you are notified if your bid has been overbidded.
5. Please follow the bid developments (starting price, value, increment, actual price, bid status) with the use of the application.

1. There will be RFID readers next to the auctioned items.
2. Touch the reader with your lanyard - that you were given at registration.
3. Your bid will be valid and live.
4. You may follow your bidding position through the mobile application that notifies you when your bid is overbidded (if you enable this option in the app).

The charity auction ends at 17:00. The organisers contact all the winning bidders until the 6th of December in order to agree on the following steps ( e.g. how to pay, how to recieve the Autistic Art item).

Actual auction standing

Event location

Budapest Congress Center, 1124, Budapest, Jagelló Street 1-3.
1124, Budapest, Jagelló Street 1-3. Contact

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