In our innovative exhibition space, the FutureSpace our guests can learn about our company's latest infocommunications solutions through professional demonstrations. In 2016 our guests will have the opportunity to receive a comprehensive picture of services based on the Internet of Things (IoT), the new features of our digital city portfolio as well as our supervised and secure IT services. The stands in the exhibition hall are dedicated to the emerging industries in order to present the latest infocommunications development opportunities in the fields of healthcare, commerce, communication or finance. A special exhibition stand will be dedicated to Magyar Telekom’s latest, innovation-driven products and services.
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Communication solutions

T-Systems’ services and modern mobile communication devices and applications together provide a “First Class Experience” to company’s managers and key users. This is what the guests of the First Class stand of the T-Symposium Future Space can experience where our “stewardess colleagues” will welcome our kind visitors! Our guests may try state-of-the-art equipment and accessories with the help of which we present the unlimited comfort, safety and efficiency which is offered to those who use the T-Systems First Class services, either in Hungary or abroad.

Smart City / Transportation

Visitors of the digital city stall will be offered a glimpse of the most important elements in our company’s portfolio: community transport services and products (city and inter-city) and such novel concepts as the mobile purse or the secure pleasure ground. 
A real bus will be furnished at the stand to demonstrate the on-board devices (units and passenger information displays) used in our traffic management and passenger information projects, and the visitors can also familiarise themselves with the automated ticket and pass vending machines installed on public areas, passenger information smart totem poles and outdoor displays.

Financial Institutions

The banks and insurance companies have to bring the digital customer experience to a higher level all the times. It is key important to keep and serve customers and also because the new generations has the “here and right now” approach. 
The young people cannot even imagine their lives without a mobile device; virtual reality is quite natural to them. They want to settle their banking issues just by some clicks – or even without clicking only by saying the right words. Financial institute section invites you to this digital future. We are going to present you the Virtual Bank Man, Call Center solutions, integrated multi-channel communication and Vanda; the voice controlled and speech understanding banking assistant. The customer in 21st century does not need the bank as an institute; she/he needs only the financial services provided by them – as we always hear it.
We are going to guide our visitors to the world of Hungarian “fintech “ solutions. We are going to examine the legal and system integration challenges of the banks working with fintech.

Retail and media 

The basic idea was to set up a retail stand, designed and built together with Telekom Product House. „T-Systems Smart Retail solutions powered by Telekom Product House”.
The main concept of building the retail Future Space is that we would like to set up a retail unit in the stand. During the day visitors can “shop” various products with the use of the loyalty card and the MobilTárca application - naturally no fee will be charged. The loyalty cards will be distributed in the welcome package and upon downloading the application our guest can replace the physical card with the MobilTárca mobile payment application. The MobilTárca service will award shopping through the application with coupons that make users eligible to purchase further goods. Parallel to this we will give out gifts to those who collect a certain number of points with the point collection function. With the use of two screens and the laptop we would also like to present the MotionLogic application in the stand. During November we will continuously measure all movements around the Congress Center. On one of the screens we will interactively display the measurement results on the dashboard. The other screen will play a video on the service.
There will also be another screen that will display the managed Wi-Fi service. We will install suitable Wi-Fi routers in the entire area of the Congress Center and follow the movement of visitors during the conference with the use of the triangular method. Our own developed dashboard will be displayed on the screen where one can see the movement of people in the conference interactively.
We also present horizontal products, such as the intelligent entry gate of retail units that counts customers and also the intelligent soft drink vending machine. The interior design will focus on a futuristic and future oriented shop where the emphasis is on sustainability and ergonomics.


In this stand T-Systems presents its complex healthcare portfolio that innovatively support the work of healthcare professionals thereby improve patients’ comfort. It is our company’s mission to offer cutting-edge technical-technological solutions that simultaneously provide cost-effective treatment to patients.

Web Easy

With the help of the Webkönnyen (Web Easy) application enterprises can simply create their own website or webshop. Users can use and customize thematic templates and later can change the content of the website in a blink of an eye. The package contains a website manager interface, supports the transfer of the company's own domain and provides web hosting services, too. The company can set up its own Facebook profile as well. Different needs are served by different packages, i.e. there are basic, pro and webshop editor packages.


In the near future the Internet of Things will have a significant impact on the individual users’ and companies’ lives. IoT may reshuffle the cards in the market. In order to remain flagships in the world of IoT companies will have to acquire new skills. The IoT stand will present this new vision and new skills.

New HQ building

In the second half of 2018 Telekom and T-Systems Hungary will move into a new HQ building. The building will represent one of the top sustainability and ICT solutions in Hungary. Due to these state-of-the-art solutions as well as the its futuristic appearance and layout, the building will be a worthy symbol of the “future workplace”.  
The new HQ building will host the number of employees that equals the size of a small city. The building wil be occupied by nearly 4500 colleagues so, purely by its sheer size, it will form an integral part of both District 11 and Budapest.  
The project presents a perfect and unique opportunity for T-Systems Hungary to show what high-tech solutions it can apply to make the operation of a major company more efficient. Also, it will have the opportunity to display how a part of a city can be made more liveable for its dwellers through smart services, be them smart metering, intelligent energy management or public lighting, e-parking, smart benches, environment monitoring or even community transportation.​​​​​​​


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