Sessions at Symposium 2016

The Symposium’s afternoon programme will include 8 thematic breakout sessions where the experts of T-Systems Hungary and it’s partner companies will deliver theme-based presentations. Each thematic breakout session will focus on solutions that determine the competitiveness and operational efficiency of a company. During the sessions the key technological trends of the present and future will also be showcased.

Healthcare Session

Patient cards, long type-writing, recipes, request for special examination, x-ray images, hard copies of examination results, consultation results, more hard copies, final report, hand written documents, certificates…Data available only locally and patient care only locally…
These are the words that we learn on the carbol smelling corridors when we wait and wait… for the – sometimes ambiguous – diagnose. Then we wait again for unpleasant examinations, we are nervously standing in the cue and collecting big bunches of papers.
This is past but we have to do lots of it today too.

Industry Session

Vehicles and car traffic are undergoing a revolutionary change before our eyes. There are pioneer innovations in this industry bringing revolutionary solutions in car development and production (industry 4.0). Digitized innovations are becoming part of car traffic (self-driving electric cars) and car usage (on-demand car usage, Uber). A celebrity of the Hungarian car sports will give you insight in competitive car sports and the indispensable IT support in it in the Industry section of the Symposium. Details

Trade and Media Session

In the trade and media section - besides presenting the current market trends - we also present T-Systems’ and Telekom’s competences on the basis of concrete services. Details

Financial institutes Session

The banks and insurance companies have to bring the digital customer experience to a higher level all the times. It is key important to keep and serve customers and also because the new generations has the “here and right now” approach. 
The young people cannot even imagine their lives without a mobile device; virtual reality is quite natural to them. They want to settle their banking issues just by some clicks – or even without clicking only by saying the right words. Financial institute section invites you to this digital future. Details

Digital city / traffic Session

The inhabitants of cities perceive the infrastructural changes as cities are becoming “smart”. The living standards are improving, the available services are getting more extensive and advanced.
This is the basic principle behind the digital developments and this section is scrutinizing the issues related to this process. We plan to present you the basic component of the integration node; the Basic Urban System. This basic system makes an integral unit of the separate components like intelligent street lights, public traffic, smart kiosks, “urban smart data market”, city card. The citizens may meet all these components making a city tangibly smart in the everyday life. Details

State Administration, Big Companies, Education Session

Nothing has changed the everyday life of people like IT since steam engines and electricity. IT is integrating into our daily work deeper and deeper; new opportunities, solutions and industries are showing up and they offer new solutions that drastically differ from what we got accustomed to. They require totally new approaches in turn.

Agriculture and Development of Countryside Session

“Smart stewardship” – How do info-communication technologies change agriculture?
It is almost boring that info-communication technologies penetrate in all industries and this trend is getting always stronger. Maybe agriculture is one of the most “traditional” sectors – and yet – experts think is an indisputable fact that stakeholders have to accept that info-communication technologies will have basic role in increasing efficiency of agriculture especially with the decreasing amounts of area based subsidies. Details

Innovation Session

Innovation is the key to future. Our rapidly changing world provides challenges and offers opportunities at the same time. The needs and demands of consumers are changing; the competition and technologies are changing; the regulatory environment is changing; market is dynamically growing and getting global. An innovative ecosystem is forming with new trends. The question about innovation is not whether it is necessary; the question is how we have to do it in the constantly changing environment where sectors are facing new challenges all the times. Successful innovation means the perfect realization of possibilities, efficient management of risks and the connection with financial performance is getting closer and more intensive. Details

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Tibor Rékasi : Symposium 2016

Zoltán Kaszás: Symposium 2016

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Budapest Congress Center, 1124, Budapest, Jagelló Street 1-3.
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