Perhaps one of the most characteristic en-vogue fast-food trends nowadays is street-food, focusing on easy-to-consume stuff on the go. Hungarian street food specialists Zing Burger, Bakker, BudDog and Nyakleves do exactly that on a very high level. 
StreetfoodZing Burger
Super design, trendsetter attitude, first-class communication and of course irresistible burgers. These features may have contributed to Zing Burger’s now legendary status. If you have ever tasted one of their specialities you surely can hardly wait the opportunity to revisit Hungary’s first food-truck.

Bakker, first introduced at the Food Truck Show festival, is like a cross between French subtlety and hard rock and roll. The excellent coffees, teas and various bagels are served from a souped-up cow truck. 

What does a hot dog look like if you put sausage in the bun instead of a frankfurter? All the BudDog customers know the answer and are grateful to the creators of the red foodtruck for the delicious dogs. The owners are head-over-heels in love with Budapest, which shows on the choice of name as well as the old-time truck design.

Nyakleves (“A slap on the neck”)
Wouldn’t you like a “slap on the neck” if you could eat it rather than receive one? Nyakleves is the perfect choice for soup lovers. Every day, Budafoki street’s famous soup bar invites its guests with one traditional, one creamy and one special soup and matchless array of sandwiches.


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