Perhaps one of the most characteristic en-vogue fast-food trends nowadays is street-food, focusing on easy-to-consume stuff on the go. Hungarian street food specialists Zing Burger, Bakker, BudDog and Nyakleves do exactly that on a very high level.  Details

Virtualoso Show

The future has started. In the evening T-Systems Hungary will present you the most talented young soloists of Hungary. We will welcome on stage the bright stars of the future as well as a bonafide, world-famous Hungarian star, Erika Miklósa. Our exceptionally gifted, young classical, jazz, opera musicians and ballet artistes will be with us to demonstrate that even art needs innovation.  The unforgettable programme will feature the Sir Georg Solti Orchestra and Zoltán Bolyky, leading Conductor of the Debrecen University Orchestra. Details

Brad Templeton: Let’s not be afraid of changes!

The infocommunications industry would probably not be the same without the Moore’s Law, but it almost sure would not be there where it is now ‒said Brad Templeton, professor at the Singularity University, who will be one of the guest speakers of the T-Systems Symposium held this November for the fourth time. Referring to his presentation at the Symposium, we asked him a few questions about the disruptive technologies, such as autonomous cars. Details

Symposium 2014 Summary Video

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