To be number one is sustainability


An important element of the sustainability efforts of the Magyar Telekom Group is to tell about the significance of responsible thinking to as many people as possible. The Hello Tomorrow! initiative was launched by our company to embrace activities related to sustainability.

Hello Tomorrow! incorporates the trinity and threefold system of environment, society and economy. Our credo suggests that as a large corporation we have to take each of the above with equal significance. This is important not only for the long-term success of our Group, but it also has a positive impact on all three areas via our role played and services offered in the region. As part of our strategy, we aim to communicate our commitment to sustainability via ambitious goals, good practices and strong communication.

To this end, T-Systems Hungary is the first corporation in Hungary to aim at full carbon neutralisation of the entire company, i.e. redemption of harmful emissions by the company via purchasing voluntary emission reduction units (so-called Kyoto units or carbon credits).

In 2014 T-Systems Hungary neutralised 14 285 tons of carbon-dioxide by purchasing Kyoto units, including the emission originating from the entire power consumption of the data centers managed by the company. This quantity equals the annual emission of nearly 7000 cars or 1000 households. As a result, T-Systems Hungary became the first carbon-neutral company among the leading ICT service providers. By purchasing Kyoto units, the company has supported a climate protection programme which actively contributes to the achievement of global objectives to ensure a more sustainable and greener future for all of us.

In 2015, Telekom Group will take further steps to reduce the level of its harmful emission in line with its sustainability strategy and guidelines laid down by the European Union. In the course of its day-to-day activities, the company maintains its transparency to ensure that sustainability becomes part of its identity.

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